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Wizard 101 is an internet role-playing game developed by KingsIsle Entertainment. The game is specifically designed for children and adolescents within the age range of 8 to 14 years. However, Wizard101 can be played by anybody regardless of the person’s age.

Wizard 101 cheatsThe game is designed to be played by several players at the same time. Gamers that play the role of wizardry students engage a number of creatures in battle by casting spells utilising a turn-based combat system. The effort of the gamers in this game which resemble collectible card games is to protect the spiral in which the playing is done. It is much more interesting to play it with Wizard 101 cheats and codes.

The universe of the Spiral is a fictitious one which comprises several worlds. There are multiple areas in each of these worlds. However, the players can access only few areas of the Wizard City upon character creation. There are different levels in the game but the maximum level that players can reach is 90. As the players advance from one level to another, more worlds that they can quest in become available to them.

Each of the worlds in Wizard 101 has its own templates as well as story-lines. The worlds are listed in the order in which the players access them. The players first access Wizard City and then from there, access to the other worlds is given. The rest of the world that will be accessed starting from the bottom of the list are Azteca, Avalon, Zafaria, Celestia, Dragonspyre, Mooshu, Marleybone, and Krokotopia. The optional side worlds which can be accessed at predetermined levels by the gamers themselves include Grizzleheim/Wintertusk, Wysteria and Aquila. The players accept quests to progress in the game. This will enable them to learn new spells, collect gold and gain equipment.

Tips for playing Wizard 101

  • If you do not need any spell, you have to discard it by right-clicking on the spell in combat. When you right click on a spell, it will be removed from your deck. During the next level, you will be provided with another card to replace the discarded card.
  • Look for clothes that fit your fighting style. For example, it is more appropriate for a diviner to use clothes that adds accuracy and health. Your target in the bazaar is to find the best clothes with good general mix.
  • Ensure that your training is done in your own school. You should also obtain all the spell you need from your own school. You have no excuse not to get all the spells you need because they are available free of charge. You should also train more useful spells which include Tower Shied, Spirit/Elemental Blade and Reshuffle from the Ice school.
  • If you enter a dungeon, you should double check your deck before battle to be sure that you will survive the combat.
  • As you move, try to keep to sidewalk. As long as you keep to the walls, only a few monsters can engage you in the battle.

The above are few tips that you should apply when playing the Wizard101 cheats.